I(2461) Darkside Cowboys

II(2462) Dwarf Giants

III(2463) Vynheim Valkyries

IV(2464) Gouged Eye

V(2465) Worlds Edge Wanderers

VI(2466) Champion of Death

VII(2467) Chaos All-Stars

VIII(2468) Nurgle's Rotters

IX(2469) Orcland Raiders

X(2470) Galadriath Gladiators

XI(2471) Reikland Reavers

XII(2472) Arctic Cragspiders

XIII(2473) Gouged Eye

XIV(2474) Vynheim Valkyries

XV(2475) Oldheim Ogres

XVI(2476) Creevland Crescents

XVII(2477) Skavenblight Scramblers

XVIII(2478) Skavenblight Scramblers

XIX(2479) Reikland Reavers

XX(2480) Elfheim Eagles

XXI(2481) Darkside Cowboys

XXII(2482) Bluchan Berserkers

XXIII(2483) Orcland Raiders

XXIV(2484) Dwarf Giants

XXV(2485) Reikland Reavers

XXVI(2486) Champions of Death

XXVII(2487) Reikland Reavers

XXVIII(2488) Darkside Cowboys

2489 No Championship

XXIX(2490) Orcland Raiders

XXX(2491) Reikland Reavers

XXXI(2492) The Marauders

XXXII(2493) Skavenblight Scramblers

XXXIII(2494) Flesh Hounds

XXXIV(2495) Gouged Eye

XXXV(2496) Athelorn Avengers

XXXVI(2497) Naggaroth Nightmares

XXXVII(2498) Grudgebearers

XXXVIII(2499) Reikland Reavers

XXXIX(2500) Warpstone Wanderers

XL(2501) Champions of Death

XLI(2502) Caledor Dragons

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