High Elf team
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Team Information
Players: Linemen
Play Form: Dodge
Team Cost: £30(new from Games-work shop)

The High Elf teams are elf nobles and you will find some of the most arrogant players in the world, they are so Rich if they can't beat a team they will buy it.

Players AvailableEdit

  • Linemen.
  • Throwers.
  • Catchers.
  • Blitzers.

Player SkillsEdit

  • Linemen, None.
  • Throwers, Pass, Safe Throw.
  • Catchers, Catch.
  • Blitzers, Block.

Star Players AvailableEdit

  • Eldril Sidewinder.
  • Morg Thorg.
  • George Michael
  • The artist formelyy known as Prince More-onions.

Ruleset VariationsEdit