The Khemri team are not all that fast but are more of a blocking team. They are unable to get mutations of any kind when leveling up. The Khemri in general are low movement allowance with a low likelyhood of injury, meaning you won't have to purchase new players too often. The Thro-Rahs make good passers and can pick up the ball but there is not really anyone on the team to throw to. A coach of this team should take full advantage of the Tomb Guardians excellent strength stat of 5 and hope someone on the team gets the oppurtunity for the Catch skill, no matter who it is, take it. Khemri players are relatively inexpensive and are built to last and not much else.

Players AvalibleEdit

  • Skeletons,
  • Thro-Rahs,
  • Blitz-Ras,
  • Tomb Guardians.

Player SkillsEdit

  • Skeletons: Regeneration, Thick Skull.
  • Thro-Rahs: Pass, Regeneration, Sure Hands.
  • Blitz-Ras: Block, Regeneration.
  • Mummies: Decay, Regeneration.

Star players AvalibleEdit

  • Hack Enslash.
  • Ramtut III.
  • Setekh.
  • Isis

Ruleset VariationsEdit