The Norse team was added in Living Rulebook 1 and were also available in 1st and 2nd editions. Although possessing a below average armour rating in all of its players, the Norse team is well suited to blocking and aggressive 'running' plays, especially when compared to the other human teams. Its players have a higher than average incidence of the skills 'block' and 'Frenzy'.

Players avalibleEdit

Player Table Edit

  • Norse Lineman | 50K | Block | General | Agility, Strength, Passing
  • Thrower | 70K | Block, Pass | General, Passing | Agility, Strength
  • Runner | 90K | Block, Dauntless | General, Agility | Strength, Passing
  • Berserker | 90K | Block, Frenzy, Jump Up | General, Strength | Agility, Passing
  • Ulfwerner | 110K | Frenzy | General, Strength | Agility, Passing
  • Yhetee | 140k | Disturbing Pressence, Claws, Frenzy, Wild Animal, Loner | Strength | General, Agility, Passing

Player SkillsEdit

  • Linemen (G): Block.
  • Throwers (GP): Block, Pass.
  • Runners (GA): Block, Dauntless.
  • Berserkers (GS): Block, Frenzy, Jump up.
  • Yhetee (S): Frenzy, Claws, Disturbing Presence, Wild Animal.
  • Ulfwerener (GS): Frenzy.

Star Players AvalibleEdit

  • Boomer Eziasson
  • Helmut Wulf
  • Icepelt Hammerblow
  • Morg Thorg
  • Wilhelm Chaney
  • Zara the Slayer

Ruleset VariationsEdit

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