The Passing skills are a big help if you are going be throwing the ball.

Passing SkillsEdit

  • Accurate: Adds +1 when attempting a pass action.
  • Dump-Off: The player may attempt a Quick Pass, when an opponent tries to Block them, allowing the player to (hopefully!) get rid of the ball.
  • Hail Mary Pass: A player using this skill can throw the ball anywhere in the pitch, even beyond the normal range for pass. However, the pass is never accurate.
  • Leader: The player is a natural leader and earns the team a special Leader re-roll. This works in the same as team re-rolls but may only be used if the leader is on the pitch.
  • Nerves of Steel: The player ignores modifiers for enemy tackle zones when they attempt to pass, catch or intercept.
  • Pass: The player can re-roll if he throws an inaccurate pass or fumbles.
  • Safe Throw: If a pass made by this player is ever intercepted then the Safe Throw player may make an unmodified Agility roll. If this is successful the the interception is canceled.

Ruleset VariationsEdit