Re-Rolls makes it so you can re-roll a dice throw, for example if you did a block and got Attacker Down you could re-roll it to try and get something better.

You can buy Team re-rolls when making your team. But you may not use a bought re-roll more than one time a turn, however if it's a skill re-roll like Pass you can re-roll it one time per player a turn like if you have a player with pass and he/she passed the ball and throws a 1 so re-rolls it and then the catcher also throws a 1 he/she can re-roll it using the re-roll that comes with the skill as did the thrower this making so you don't have to use a re-roll you bought when you were making your team. But you may not use the Catch skill two times with the same player in one turn.

Free re-rollsEdit

If you have a skill like Pass or Catch you can re-roll it with out using up one of your Team re-rolls you bought with your team.
This is a list of the skills that give you free re-rolls.
  • Pass,
  • Catch,
  • Sure feet,
  • Sure hands.

re-rolls costEdit

This is the cost of re-rolls for teams.